OMTGE 2019

OMGTGE 2019 turns up the heat to capture a victory to close out the first live period in April 2017 against the South Georgia Angels in the PeachState Basketball Tipoff Classic


OMGTGE 2020 scores a major victory over the Georgia Pearls to finish 5th Place in the PeachState Basketball Tipoff Classic


OMGTGE 2021 takes a strong 4th Place finish in the PeachState Basketball Tipoff Classic.  A lot of new faces in 2017 but they are building a championship mindset.


The newly created group OMGTGE 2022 is ready for PRIMETIME basketball in 2017.  They have been working and cant wait to hit the floor.

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National Championship

OMG-TGE 2020 class wins the 2016 8th Grade YBOA National Championship!  The team travel to Orlando Florida to finish what they started after coming in 2nd place in 2015. Check team page for 2017 schedule.

Regional Championship

OMG-TGE 2019 class wins the 2016 9th Grade Super Regional in Dalton, GA.  The first year team coached by Chris Holmes and Michael Fletcher proved they belonged on the floor with the best. Check team page for 2017 schedule.

D1SPECTS Next-Level Championship

OMG-TGE 2021 wins the D1SPECTS Next Level Exposure Tournament.  With 7 committed players Coach Session and Coach Dunlap was able to win big, blowing out all teams that stood in the way. Check team page for 2017 schedule.